COVID-19 Cleaning and Sanitizing Regulations for September 2020

The safety and security of our students, families, and staff is of the utmost importance, and we are determined to continue to provide quality programming in a safe and welcoming environment. 

As the Covid-19 status in Peel is constantly evolving, our protocols will be flexible and we will adapt to any changing situation.  Beginning in September 2020, we are committed to take the following precautions to do our part in controlling the spread of this virus:

Sanitization and Cleaning

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at the front door and studio door for students to use upon entry and exit.  Students will be asked to sanitize their hands at the beginning and end of their class.
  • Classes will last 50 minutes allowing for all frequently touched surfaces (barres/mats/doorknobs etc) to be sanitized following every class, and to allow the exit of one class before the entry of the next

Facility Entry and Exit

  • Students will be dropped off by one parent and picked up at the facility door.  Parents of students under age 6 will be permitted to enter the facility and assist students with shoes etc. (masks must be worn.)
  • As weather permits, students are asked to leave jackets and personal belongings with their parents. Shoes are to be taken off and left at the front door.  In inclement weather, belongings can be brought inside and will be separated and placed in the waiting room.
  • All parents of students under age 18, and students aged 18 and older will be required to submit a COVID-19 liability waiver at the beginning of their first class.  This waiver will require the declaration of any international travel, contact with COVID-19 positive patients, or any COVID-19 symptoms.  Any student exhibiting symptoms will not be permitted to enter the facility. 
  • Chairs have been removed from the waiting area, and the change room will be temporarily closed to students.  Students who have an hour between classes are permitted to stay in the waiting room during their “break,” physically distanced from others.

While in Class

  • Floor and barre markings will be used for students to ensure physical distancing.
  • Instructors will be required to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible (performing corrections, spotting etc.)
  • No shared props will be used in classes, and dance shoes will not be available to borrow.
  • Partner work and acro tricks requiring partners will not be performed for the immediate future.
  • Students are encouraged to bring personal yoga mats for floor work and stretching to reduce surface contact. 
  • On the direction of Public Health officials, masks are required to be worn when entering/exiting the building.  Masks are strongly recommended in class, but not mandatory when performing physical activity.


We appreciate your cooperation in these efforts to keep our studio and students safe.  When dropping off and picking up your child, please be prompt, as classes will have a 10 minute transition period for changeover. 

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